FSI / TSI Gen 1-2 KIT M500


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The 4 Cylinder FSI/TSI Gen 1-2 system includes:

– Specially made flow optimized 1.5” runners, high Nickel ultra durable manifold with integrated turbine housing.
– Mabotech Dual ceramic bearings turbocharger with point milled compressor wheel and Inconel Turbine Wheel.
– Stage II adjustable billet VITON piston type wastegate actuator with custom bracket.
– Turbocharger also includes custom Housing, Localized n75, DV, Intake and Discharge ports.
– VAG 4 Bolt stock position down-pipe port for easy installation and aftermarket down-pipe compatibility.

There may be more than one way to install this system depending on your car’s and current setup, if you enjoy customizing your vehicle like we do, this is the absolute perfect solution for you, professional installation is required! and a full pressurized leak test should be done after installation.

After a certain amount of boost a diverter valve upgrade may be required.

Actuator comes with a preset but this particular setting may or may not be adequate to the power goals or tuning strategies, consult with your tuner/builder and adjust accordingly.

Properly designed catch can systems are recommended to maintain a cleaner and more efficient air setup.


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