FSI/TSI Gen 1 Kit


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The 4 Cylinder FSI/TSI Gen 1-2 kit includes:

– Specially made flow optimized 1.5” runners, high Nickel ultra durable manifold with integrated turbine housing.
– Mabotech Turbocharger with 11 equal length fins compressor wheel and Inconel Turbine Wheel.
– Stage II adjustable billet VITON piston type wastegate actuator with custom bracket.
– Turbocharger also includes Anti-surge Housing, Localized n75, DV, Intake and Discharge ports.
– VAG 4 Bolt stock position down-pipe port for easy installation and aftermarket down-pipe compatibility.

M450 Rated for 450hp

M550 Rated for 550hp

M650 rated for 650hp

+1000 tune and Eurodyne tool

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M450, M450+Tune, M550, M550+Tune, M650, M650+Tune


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