MQB ceramic ball bearing IS38-M


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Presenting the best IS38 upgrade/replacement turbocharger.

  • Quick spooling and threshold while capable of 40-50hp more than the OEM units. *
  • Most reliable turbocharger in it’s category.
  • Only IS38 upgrade/replacement with ULTRA high speed VSR mechanized balancing.
  • Convenient bolt on installation.
  • No core exchange required.
  • 7+7 58mm/45mm billet compressor wheel made of a strong but light proprietary aluminum alloy.
  • 54mm/47mm Inconel turbine with optimized flow design and lightened shaft.
  • Dual ceramic ball bearings with ultra light materials and very tight tolerances.
  • Compatible with most OTS is38 software.

Professional installation is required, some clocking may be required for some turbos including those with or without aftermarket add-on parts.

Fully pressurized smoke leak test is strongly recommended after installation.

Stock diverter valves have been tested with good results but, after certain boost levels upgraded diverter valve is recommended.

Adjust the electronic wastegate actuator between 3.35v and 3.50v cold.

* To achieve higher than OTS output it’s important to provide appropriate tuning adjustments.

* As we are constantly updating all of our products, Design and specifications are subject to change without any notice or obligation due to these changes on the provided item.


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